Create Application Shortcut in Chrome on Mac

Once upon a time there was an easy way to create application shortcuts in Chrome on Mac. However, in recent versions of Chrome this functionality has disappeared. Luckily it is pretty simple to reenable it. Here are the steps to do so:

Type chrome://flags in Chrome’s address bar.

Make sure the following are enabled:

  • The new bookmark app system
  • Allow hosted apps to be opened in windows
  • Creation of app shims for hosted apps on Mac
  • Quit notification for hosted apps

It should look like this:


Restart the Chrome (in the bottom of the page)

Now visit the website or app you want to add a shortcut to and press the three dots in the top far right of Chrome.

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Tracking embedded and dynamically loaded YouTube videos via Google Tag Manager

Tracking YouTube videos in Google Analytics via Google Tag Manager is not a trivial thing. Previously, I have been using the method proposed by CardinalPath and it works pretty well for most people. However, I needed a bit more flexibility; e.g. I need to track not only embedded videos but also videos loaded dynamically. This could be videos loaded in a lightbox popup. In my case, videos loaded via the Magnific Popup script.

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Nodes disappearing from internal cache in Umbraco

Occasionally some of the sites I have made in Umbraco 4 have pages that are for some reason not in the internal cache. The solution is to run the following command while logged in to Umbraco:

This will republish all pages and put them back into the cache. It can take quite a while if it is a large site.

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Prevent reload with BrowserSync and Laravel

I use BrowserSync with Laravel Elixir and I found that when I use cache busting it reloads the page instead of injecting the CSS into it. This is of course due to the way cache busting works. Still, this is quite annoying. However, there is a really simple solution to the issue. In your master blade template just make a check to see if you are on a local environment like so:

This is half the solution.

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